ZES internal areas, advantages and opportunities: focus with the new Commissioner

ZES:  what are the opportunities that can constitute for entrepreneurial revitalization and for the competitiveness of the territories, especially the internal ones. This was discussed in the in-depth meeting that was held on Friday 8 April in the ‘Celso Cioni’ conference room of the Gran Sasso Chamber of Commerce in Bazzano.

The Zes are an important tool for encouraging the development of businesses thanks to a series of advantages that materialize in an advantageous taxation system and in a complex system of administrative simplifications in favor of businesses, also for the recruitment of personnel and the Abruzzo Region has extended the measure also to inland areas.

The conference was attended, among others, by the extraordinary commissioner for Zes Abruzzo, Mauro Miccio; the president of the Gran Sasso Chamber of Commerce Antonella Ballone; the general secretary of Unioncamere Giuseppe Tripoli; the vice president of the regional council Emanuele Imprudente and the president of Anci Abruzzo Gianguido D’Alberto.

“For inland areas, the Zes means having the opportunity to connect to all the most important flows of goods movement” in Abruzzo and neighboring regions, explained Commissioner Miccio, but also “development of well-characterized skills”. “For example in L’Aquila where there is a very strong presence in the IT services and consumer electronics sector. Opportunities for companies, tax concessions, administrative simplification to be able to do it in certain and short times, even with the halving of some procedures – and being the commissioner, I am also the one who issues the single authorization and therefore an administrative provision – and the infrastructure problem that will be linked to both the Rome-Pescara, the RFI and Pnrr funds, but also all the other initiatives for a weight of 63 million euros the commissioner orders and manages throughout the region ”