The “Special Economic Zones” contact point is also open in Teramo

The “SEZ” contact point for the special economic zone,  which includes the territories of the Municipalities of Giulianova, Roseto and Mosciano Sant’Angelo, opened in Teramo, at the Chamber of Commerce.

Professor Mauro Miccio, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Abruzzo SEZ, Giovanni Legnini, Extraordinary Commissioner for the 2016 earthquake reconstruction and the President of the Gran Sasso Chamber of Commerce, Antonella Ballone, inaugurated the office.

In his speech, the President of the Province, Diego Di Bonaventura, underlined the centrality of “work and business” in the reconstruction process, applauding the choice of the two Commissioners to “integrate” the paths, ideally combining “simplification for businesses with those for post-earthquake reconstruction.

“Certainly none of us could have thought that years after its establishment we would have found ourselves inaugurating the branch after a world pandemic and with an ongoing war: two circumstances that are profoundly changing the industrial assets and horizons of our companies”, Di Bonaventura said, adding: “More than ever we need financial and structural instruments to support our businesses and the SEZ represents an extraordinarily important piece that will” double “its usefulness if it can be combined with the Complementary Fund of the PNRR for earthquake areas that are inside. But allow me a reflection: it took two extraordinary Commissioners, good, capable and authoritative to simplify the laws and measures that have obviously come out badly from Parliament and to overcome the obstacles of a defensive bureaucracy that stops in the face of contradictions. The Sez were born in 2017 but it took the appointment of a Commissioner to get them off the ground. And therefore, after four years, we have made a reform to simplify the governance of the SEZs which for this reason had never taken off. And this is a pathological problem in the country for which we must find a cure. We cannot live on tourism alone, we must put business and work back at the center of attention “.