The SEZs at the Dubai Expo

“The new 8 Special Economic Zones” of Italy “will not be isolated, but hubs of a highly efficient system of rail, port, airport and road connections. Thanks to the funds of the National Recovery Plan and other national and European resources in the coming years we aim to build real intermodal hubs, so that the trade routes that pass through Suez and Gibraltar from the Far East and the Atlantic can find a gateway to Europe and a privileged link with the areas with the highest development rate of North Africa “. This was stated by the Minister for the South and territorial cohesion, Mara Carfagna, speaking at the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai for the event “Special economic zones: a new key to industrial policy and the relaunch of the port system”. 

With the RRP  “we invest in the infrastructure of the SEZs and in the upgrading of the ports of the South. With investments in new high-speed and high-capacity railway lines, we drastically cut travel times and increase rail traffic for passengers and goods on high-speed routes. high strategic value. The goal is to make the ports and Zes of Southern Italy the most convenient place to land goods and raw materials to be processed, ready to be exported anywhere in Europe and in the world. This is also due to the extensive program of system reforms that we are implementing: the reduction of the times of civil justice, the liberalizations, the simplification of administrative procedures “, said Carfagna. 

“This is the vision we have for the future of southern Italy. No longer a periphery of Europe, but the advanced point of the continent in the enlarged Mediterranean. No longer a land to be compensated for its backwardness with the rest of the country, but a reservoir of skills and opportunities. No longer a territory from which to emigrate, but the center of a new strategy of reindustrialisation, of energy production from renewable sources, of trafficking in people and goods. Who will look to the South in the coming years to make business and investing could be the protagonist of a new season of high intensity development. I hope I have said enough to push you to deepen and evaluate if and how your interests and your projects can intersect with these opportunities “.