The conference “Rebuilding the economy” in L’Aquila

The conference “Rebuilding the economy” was held in L’Aquila, at the Auditorium del Parco: on the table, the package of measures for the companies provided for in the complementary fund of the RRP for the development of the areas of central Italy affected by the earthquake in 2009 and 2016. 

The event focused, in particular, on the unitary program of economic and social revitalization of macro-measure B, which involves the use of a total of 700 million euros resources with the aim of supporting the productive economic fabric of our areas, through a set of dedicated, rewarding and strengthened actions compared to the ordinary ones. 

With the mayor Pierluigi Biondi, promoter of the event, the president of the Abruzzo Region Marco Marsilio, the 2016 earthquake commissioner Giovanni Legnini and the head of the 2009 earthquake structure Carlo Presenti. Also present, as speakers, the Commissioner of SEZ  Abruzzo Prof. Mauro Miccio, the director of the presidency department of the Abruzzo Region Emanuela Grimaldi, the political advisor of the ministry for the South and territorial cohesion Paolo Russo, the expert of the structure 2016 earthquake Romano Benini, the head of the incentives and innovation function Invitalia Ernesto Somma, and the general manager of incentives of the Mise Giuseppe Bronzino. 

“In the context of the Special Economic Zone and the National Strategy for internal areas, we rely heavily on the regional coordination booth for the support to be given to Commissioner Miccio to make the best use of the tools available. The identification of the Regional IT and Client Agency as the contracting authority goes in the direction of fully achieving the objectives of the NRP. ”  Guido Liris, Councilor for Budget of the Abruzzo Region.