The conference “PNRR and ZES: pact of the Territory”, was held in Ortona, in the presence of the Deputy Minister for Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, Teresa Bellanova

“Covid and war made us discover even more the importance of logistics, and the Abruzzo Sez, with Ortona as a port center, is the first to be realized, it will lead the way. This is why it is so important: it is the first of eight other Sez in the South ”.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Teresa Bellanova in Ortona, on the sidelines of the event ‘Pnrr and Sez: pact of the territory’, in which, in addition to the President of the Adriatic Port Authority Vincenzo Garofalo, took the floor  the Extraordinary Commissioner for Sez Abruzzo Mauro Miccio, Lorenzo Alessi, Zes support coordinator of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and Camillo Falasca, economic advisor to Minister Mara Carfagna.

“All this – continued Bellanova – leads us to a greater attention to the economy of the sea, to ensure that the attractiveness, and here in Abruzzo you can clearly see the important work that Miccio is doing, bring investments, with the tools we now have, Pnnr and Sez indeed. Of course, Sez has had a more complex starting process, since 2016 it has accumulated delays, but now we have it, there is the decree. So a message must reach the people that here in Ortona an important test is being made for the rest of the country, not just the South “. (ANSA). The acronym, now known, stands for Special Economic Zone and indicates a geographically identified area in which to establish a  business, having a wide set of tax and administrative benefits.