SEZ Abruzzo: the agreement between the Port Authority of the central Adriatic Sea and the SEZ Commissioner Structure for RRP investments in the port of Ortona has been signed.

Works for 17.8 million Euros managed in synergy by ADSP and SEZ Commissioner 

Admiral Giovanni Pettorino, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Port System Authority and Prof. Mauro Miccio, Commissioner of SEZ Abruzzo, have signed the collaboration agreement between the two structures for the management of RRP funds dedicated to the port of Ortona. Two strategic investments for the Ortona port, object of the Agreement: the redevelopment and enhancement of the quay of the port of Ortona, a work that integrates with the dredging of the stretch of water in front of the quay, and the railway connection for the Ortona airport, for a total of 17.8 million Euros. 

With the agreement, the two parties undertake to collaborate to ensure the correct execution of the works and compliance with the strict deadlines imposed by the RRP calendar. 

For Admiral Pettorino, “the Agreement is a first result of the commitment made by the Port System Authority in recent months to ensure the correct and timely management of PNRR funds and the resources invested by the national government for the Middle Adriatic ports. The funds dedicated to SEZ infrastructures in particular have shorter deadlines than the other measures to support ADSP investments. From the formalization of resources, which took place by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility on 3 December, we immediately took action to comply with the project requirements, with the guidelines of the Ministry that are made public in these days. In this context, I thank the SEZ Commissioner Mauro Miccio because the collaboration with the ZES Commissioner structure also makes it possible to take advantage of these professional skills and to start a constant exchange even on the last railway mile of the port of Ortona which, even if carried out by a different subject than the ‘Port Authority, the investment falls back into the port, with the need to ensure full compatibility with the operation of the port. ” 

For Prof Mauro Miccio, Commissioner of the SEZ Abruzzo, “the signed Agreement represents a useful tool for the effectiveness, efficiency and coordination of the various actions promoted by the two structures, which have the common goal of meeting the deadlines set by the RRP, which foresees the works completed by 2026. The agreement could be a useful tool to speed up the authorization process, allowing the construction of infrastructures with an important added value in terms of economic and employment development. “