Meeting of the SEZ Commissioners with Minister Mara Carfagna

On Wednesday 19 January, the Minister for the South for Territorial Cohesion, Mara Carfagna, brought together all the Commissioners of the SEZ areas, both those already formally appointed, including the Commissioner of the SEZ Campania, Giosy Romano, and those for whom the procedure is still in progress. The meeting took place partly in presence and partly remotely and was aimed at initiating coordination in the action of the eight Commissioners, with the support of the structures of the Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion, the Ministry of Infrastructures and of Sustainable Mobility (MIMS) and of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion. 

“I wanted this meeting to start a working method that I consider essential for the success of the ‘SEZ program’, based on the sharing of experiences, critical issues, solutions”, explained Minister Carfagna. “In my vision, the eight southern SEZs are not eight citadels closed within their walls, but eight parts of a single shared process that between now and 2026 must attract investments, businesses, work, well-being, in order to build a new destiny for the South: a large logistic platform at the center of trade and relations in the Mediterranean “. 

Government representatives offered guarantees of support for the Commissioners’ action and indicated some operational guidelines already underway. 

In particular, financial solutions are being studied to facilitate the design of the works and the immediate use of the funds provided for by the RRP for the investments included in the Plan. In addition, they recalled the simplifications and incentives introduced by the reform included in the ‘Governance and Simplifications’ decree-law: both will be subject to verification in their practical application, so as to be able, if necessary, to intervene and enhance their effectiveness. Finally, a promotion campaign for SEZ areas abroad was announced, both through the preparation of information material and thanks to an ongoing agenda of international meetings.