Mauro Miccio

By decree of the President of the Republic of May 24th 2021, endorsed and annotated at the Budget Office, and for the administrative accounting confirmation of the Council of Ministers on 19/09/2021, and registered by the Court of Audit on 01/10/2021, Professor Mauro Miccio is appointed Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government of the Special Economic Zone of the Abruzzo Region.

Administrative lawyer and lead Independent Director of FNM SpA Society, he graduated with honours at “La Sapienza” University of Rome in 1978. He then worked as an assistant to the first chair of Commercial Law with Professor Remo Franceschelli. During the same years, he has been editor of the industrial law magazine “European Property Review” and of the magazine “Diritto Industriale Editore Giuffrè”.

He worked in the Abete group of which he was CEO, since 2015 he has been a counselor at the “Piselli and Partners” law firm. Particularly, he deals with all the profiles relating to administrative liability (for the damages caused to the public authority in the context of or during the office relationship), in relation to the accounting liability that emerges whether public employees or private entities cause damage to the tax authorities with willful misconduct or severe negligence, using public money. In a broader sense, he deals with all corporate compliance activities, with specific reference to anti-corruption and anti-money laundering issues.

He is registered in the national OIV list as a member of the independent assessment bodies provided for by the art. 3 DM 2 December 2016.

He is an expert of intellectual property, with particular attention to the use of brands and licences. Lecturer in charge in Sociology of Communication at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the “Roma Tre University”, he has taught in many universities and high schools, including that of Police and Public Security; over the years, he has been responsible for important supervisory bodies.