Inauguration of the new premises that will house the ZES in Pescara

An agreement was signed by the Chamber of Commerce with the Commissioner ZES Abruzzo, Mauro Miccio. Miccio reiterated the importance of Special Economic Zones, focusing attention on some infrastructures, such as the ports of Ortona and Vasto and the Abruzzo Interport. Furthermore, he stressed that over 60 million are also available for subsidies for companies in crisis.

For this, a physical place is useful, such as the premises in via Conte di Ruvo 22-24 in Pescara, continued Miccio, available to companies wishing to settle in the SEZs and obtain all the necessary information. A collaboration that will bear fruit, said Gennaro Strever, president of the Chieti Pescara Chamber of Commerce, with the Chamber of Commerce, reiterated that he wants to provide further support to businesses.