Conference “Tools to support recovery and development for the province of Teramo”

The President of the Abruzzo Region, Marco Marsilio, speaking in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, at the conference organized by Confindustria Teramo on the theme of tools to support recovery and development for the province of Teramo, took stock of the situation on the new 2021 2027 period  of European funds. This is a regional program funded by the European Union that is worth over 1 billion euros for Abruzzo for the period 2021-2027. Resources destined for regional development (ERDF) for 681 million euros and social resources (ESF +) for 406 million euros.

In addition to the entrepreneurs and local administrators, Ms Emanuela Grimaldi, director of the Department of the Presidency of the Abruzzo Region and Mauro Miccio, Extraordinary Commissioner for Sez Abruzzo, also attended today’s meeting,

“In reality, – declared Marsilio – we hope this new European and national programming cycle called 21-27 will start soon, since we are already in the second half of 2022 and it has not yet come to light and certainly not due to our responsibility. In fact, – explained the President – the Regions, in order to spend those funds must first wait for the European Commission to provide the addresses. Then the nation-states must sign partnership agreements with the EU that define the framework within which those resources must be spent. We have done our part, having already approved our regional operational programs for European funds. We also sent them to the European Commission and we hope to soon have the green light from the Commission as we are ready to publish tenders and spend the funds ”. President Marsilio then confirmed that “these are important figures, equal to two and a half times the European funds available in the previous programming cycle. We must also hurry, especially because we are in a crisis situation and therefore it is not enough to hurry to spend the funds of the PNRR which, moreover, are not infinite. These are funds that we should use to the fullest, that we are using in the best and fastest way possible but speed is also an imperative deriving from the fact that there are so many people who suffer because the economic crisis is making itself felt, a crisis caused first by two years of pandemic, which is not over yet, and then by a war that is lasting much longer than expected and which risks – he continued – to last a very long time with consequences that could become very profound and lasting on our social and economic systems. That’s why – he concluded – keeping this money steady and continuing to discuss beyond a certain limit on how to use it is really a crime “.

The morning session continued with the interventions of the other distinguished speakers, while the afternoon session was dedicated to B2B meetings between entrepreneurs, the Extraordinary Commissioner Mr Mauro Miccio, and the managers of the Sez Abruzzo Commissioner Structure.”