Conference in Teramo with the Extraordinary Commissioner of Sez Abruzzo Mauro Miccio and with the presentation of the SEZ Digital Desk

On 10 June an assembly was held in Teramo in which Commissioner Sez Abruzzo Mauro Miccio met with companies, municipalities and local authorities in Abruzzo. The conference was organized by Anci Abruzzo.

During the meeting, Commissioner Miccio explained the great opportunity of Sez and the Sez digital Desk  was presented by Infocamere.

“Commissioner Sez – explains Miccio – opens and closes the conference of services on individual projects, then there are the necessary skills, bodies and institutions. Everyone will have to do their duty within their specific characteristics. Local administrations will have to collaborate with companies and will be able to contact the Commissioner through the Sez Digital Desk, innovative and ready to be put online. If I could make an appeal, I would say that all the interlocutors from top to bottom must then converge in the only direction, which is to do things . Through the digital desk, businesses will automatically contact the administrations. We will have to try to identify a system to resolve any conflicts of competence – concludes Miccio – through the use of the legislation introduced by Legislative Decree 142 and which provides for the composition of any conflicts between administrations with reasoned appeal to the Council of Ministers through the Minister for Territorial Cohesion “.

“If I am allowed a sporting comparison, we must become a rowing eight to row all together with the same strength and reach the finish line as winners”, he concludes.